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VAT number 04306441009 - Registration number RM-754279 - Capital stock € 817,494,200.oo

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  The TERRITORIUM project consists of the development, under the control and ownership of the italian company TERRITORIUM S.p.A., of a unique and exceptional business model that functions like an "old economic company" that can and must change in order to be in harmony with a Universal World that requires attention to the environment and substinance as well as environmental sustainability in industrial development.  
  The management of TERRITORIUM S.p.A. is determined to prove, in line with EXPO’ 2015, the global event which Italy will be increasing involved with in the coming years, many points. The Expo’s main message is, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. With serious intelligent planning and management it should be possible to create industrial enterprises capable of producing wealth in compliance with the requirements of the planet as well as taking care of underdeveloped populations suffering from hunger.  
  Because Expo 2015’ is going to be held in Italy, TERRITORIUM S.p.A. wants to achieve maximum visibility and success with this global media event, to become the most important Italian company in a new area to be called "The POLIS- ETHICAL Product Sector ", a term we coined by combining two words in the Greek language that have very important significance. "POLIS" signifies, relations between men, the lattice of the relationship, and the conditions of equal importance given to each element that makes up the product itself; ETHICAL is used with all the effort possible in order to keep anything that doesn’t have to be taken away, always seeking better improvement and treatment and trying never to adversely affect anything that is involved in its/their life cycle.  


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